The duration of each lesson is at least 2 hours apart the baptism's lesson,only one hour mainly on the beach.

Private lessons are one on one, instructor to student. From the very beginning, the entire focus of your lesson is on you. Everyone has their own learning style and optimal pace.

With a private lesson, our highly qualified IKO instructors will tailor their lesson plans specifically with you in mind. With this option you will learn the most in the shortest amount of time.

Our Group lessons are designed for those who wish to learn to kite on a budget. Don‘t worry, we do a maximum of two students per instructor so you will still receive the highest quality of professional teaching. We will pair you with another student of the same skill level to maximize your progression.

Every course includes kite, board, harness, life jacket, helmet, radio.

Take your own sun glasses attached, shirt with long sleeves and short pant, a bottle of water.


To be realistic, on average, it takes 10 hours to get up on the board and ride a short distance in both directions.

Often more is necessary to become an independent kiter, mainly if you are not so young !
It is crucial to understand that part of the learning process is to emphasize all safety procedures and practice them to be a safe kite boarder, not only for yourself but for people around you!

Many "instructors" may promise you a faster progression because they simply skim through those aspects and do not respect the safety standards.

Therefore you will not be autonomous after your lessons and likely get in serious trouble once you go on your own or endanger others on the beach.

Which is the worst case scenario for our fragile community.



The entrance of kunduchi resort is free for student during their lessons. Each time, the hotel will control your identity and your "student status".

Kite surfing is an extreme sport and require expertise for safe initiation to this activity. Be prudent with proposals of freelance instructors !

The price can not be the only criteria in your choice ! You must obtain all guarantees : name of  the company, insurances, Diploma, helmet, floatation vest.

Don't put yourself at risk with people offering essentially cheap price.

  Lesson Euros  
  Standard group
  Baptism one hour 40   20
  Hourly 60   40
 Pack 10h 550  360 


You contract with the company Tanzania Kitesurfing and Water Sports Limited, certificate of incorporation number 107950 at Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

We have AON liability insurance (the leading global provider of risk management ) and a general Liability insurance for water sports with SUDWESTRING (German insurance).

It is better than students have they own liability insurance in case of damage on the equipment. The school can ask the repair costs for damages .

In the case of loss or theft of the equipment, the trainee will have to repay the equipment on the basis of the invoice that the school will provide.


Contact us preferably by email for more informations or if urgent contact us by whatsapp. See email in CONTACT section.

Give us your avaibilities, phone number and email and we will confirm the lesson depending of the tide and your level.

A course participant must be in the best of health and must be able to swim for at least 15 minutes without any support.

The participant claims that he/she has understood the General terms and that he/she will act according to these rules.

Please, fill the STUDENT PROFIL - DISCHARGE below before your first lesson.

Student profile - Discharge - 2018

Thank you for your collaboration !