The school has direct access to the huge Kunduchi beach and the entrance of the hotel is free for our clients. The spot of Kunduchi is like private and unfrequented which is a rare luxury. 

Water is shallow for many hours which creates the ideal conditions for beginners. The seabed is clear of hazards, only sand as far as your eyes can see. 

Aerological conditions are fantastic and there are no dangerous obstacles. The side-shore or side-onshore wind direction is perfect to teach and practice with 15 - 20 knots, every days.

These conditions provide to kite-surfers a greater security during the navigation, takeoff and landing of the wings and all the required services to kiters, shower, assistance during takeoff and landing. We offer full beginner and advanced lessons. 


Kunduchi Kite School provides education of the standards of the International Kiteboarding Organization for safety and customer care. We deliver your IKO card that specifies your level you have reached. 

The teaching is based on a hands-on approach. As a student you will always be wearing a helmet and flotation vest and we protect you with specific insurance for water sport

The practice is done in small groups and we use radio to teach.  We use the up-to-date equipment for all of our lessons.

Teaching and guiding along our courses are adapted to every personality. More cheap, safe and windy than Zanzibar, Kunduchi  is a wild new destination for enthusiasts kiters.


Kunduchi Kitesurf School can also organize Kite trips in nearby exceptional sites to the north, next to Bagamoyo, (40 km) in the blue Lazy lagoon Island or close from the south beaches of Kigamboni, as exotic and wild as Mafia Island, Pemba and Zanzibar. We organize downwind initiations close to the school.

In case of accident, first aid will be provided on site. For the most serious care, you will be directed quickly and safely to Dar es Salaam where you will be treated with the highest standards in the country.

Kitesurfing on east coast of Tanzania is more safe, quiet and more windy than in Zanzibar and in many known destinations. 

Riding close to Dar es Salaam is a extraordinary safe adventure. You will be discover the soul of Tanzania that will offer you wonderful emotions.