For the team of Kunduchi kiteschool 
the stand up paddle is a watersport that give an access to any other watersport. 

Each year more start practicing the SUP and we strongly believe in drastic growth of this new and modern water activity accessible for everyone.

Stand-Up-Paddle or SUP is a type of surfing that comes from Hawaii. It is practised standing on a long, wide board propelled using a large paddle. 

To practise Stand-Up-Paddle, just a minimum sense of balance and a swimsuit are necessary. This is a very soft physical activity that does not require special skills, and that everyone can do.However, if you like performances, long walks or waves, this sport will also suit you and will give you unforgettable sensations. 
Kunduchi Kite School area offers perfect conditions  for practising Stand Up Paddle.

The water is shallow, there is no dangerous obstacles in the water, no current for many hours after the tides, which creates the ideal conditions for beginners.

From the beach, you can go up a lagoon towards the fishing village of Kunduchi. A half-an-hour or half-a-day adventure accessible to everyone. 

An instructor will accompany you if you need.

The island of Mbudya, 10 minutes by boat from the school, is a worthy goal for an unforgettable tour of the island.  We can organize unforgettable Sup trips to this island on request.

We use inflatable Stand up Paddle SROKA. Today there exist two types of stand up paddle boards :

- The hard deck stand up paddle is dominating the market but it has quite several defaults : it is heavy to carry and if you hit the hard deck board you might get hurt or the board might be easily damaged.

- The inflatable stand up paddle board benefits from technological progress of the fabrication and solid structure. Due to high pressure board inflation our inflatable SUP’s provides :
  • a solid rigidity and stability for your comfort but keeping softness of the surface of the board 
  • buoyancy for the lighter and / or heavier riders
  • comfort of an easy and compact packaging