The tide can reach up to 4 meters at Kunduchi.
  • Highest tide : High 3,5m, Low -0.5m
  • Smallest tide : High 2,2m, Low 1,2m
We can ride in shallow water untill the water is at chest height, which coincide with a level of 2,5m high.

Small tides less than 2,5m high allow you to ride all day at foot depth, like in a lagoon.

By big tide, water will reach your chest around 2 hours before high tide, as you can see on the screenshot below.

Kitesurfing in the deep water must only be practiced at a  good level and with on shore wind direction.  

Lease remember that we don't have a rescue boat available,  the wind will however gently push you towards the beach if you can't relaunch your kite.

Check the tide level on the calendars.


Kunduchi is the best spot on South East coast of Tanzania to learn and enjoy kitesurfing. Kusini and Kaskasi winds are the prevailing wind in the area like in Zanzibar. However, Kunduchi beach benefit from a stronger thermal wind due to the mainland surface area bigger than in Zanzibar.

Moreover, behind Kunduchi are some hills inland which are increasing the strength of the wind compared to other places on the coast. Those parameter combined to the local micro climate result in wind speed greater than forecasted in the normal weather forecasts.

At Kunduchi, the dominant wind direction blows very constantly Southeast from april to October.
From November to Marchit blows north East, but not as constant as in the other months of the year compared to the summer season.

Knowing this spot specificity, we can adjust the wind strength depending on the orientation given by windguru, done for south wind.



Click on the above picture to see the wind statistics in Kunduchi (replace mph by knots)


Tanzania weather is generally a warm tropical climate with humidity all year round. 

Temperatures are in average around 30 °C during the day and still above 20 °C at night in most places around the coast and on Zanzibar as well as places more south and west.